Bláithín (Irish for little flower). An Irish run dried flower business set up in 2020.

Dried flowers are a wonderful addition to a household, they are long lasting and a natural way to decorate a wall or shelf. Dried flowers are also a really great gift idea – whether it’s a bunch of flowers for a birthday, a flower hoop to celebrate a new home, or a vase of flowers as a thank you present, they are a sure way to send love to someone special.  

I am eager to be as sustainable and chemical free as I possibly can. I only work with naturally dried flowers i.e. no bleached or dyed products. I don’t use any sprays or preservatives in my work, allowing nature to take its course if it will. Dried flowers come in a wide range of vibrant flowers even after they have dried, and of course, you can always find beautiful neutral earthy tones too. Something for everyone.The packaging I use for shipping your orders comes from a number of Irish businesses. I only use recycled or recyclable products in packing up orders – including paper fragile tape instead of plastic, cornstarch wrap instead of cellophane and paper/tissue wrap.

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