Meeting rooms at Solas

An ideal location for meetings, training and company gatherings.

The 9-acre Solas Eco Garden Centre is Ireland’s greenest campus and provides an inspiring setting with a café, restaurant and retail found on site

Seomra Rooms

This 92 sqm (9.2 x 10m) facility has the capacity for up to 55 delegates.

Facilities within the room include a

65″ Interactive screen, 400MB WIFI A Lecture podium Food & Drinks – In room or avail of on Site 60 Seat Café or 120 Seat Restaurant.

The Courtyard

Possibly the most unique and attractive Meeting apace in Ireland is set under a retractable roof Courtyard space. This 448 sqm (28 x 16m) facility has the capacity for up to 120 delegates. Ideal for medium or large corporate meetings and training sessions
facilities within the room include a:

• Tables & seating for up to 120 delegates
• Onsite PA System for address audience.
• 65″ LED TV on portable Stand
• 400MB Wi-Fi
• Food & Drinks: Comes with its private Café and kitchen offering food and beverage options from #1 Teas and Coffees to #2 buffet or #3 full a-la-carte full restaurant menu

The Award-winning SOLAS Eco Garden Centre campus offers fantastic facilities and support to our corporate customers including:

• 60 seat Cafe,
• 120 Seat Restaurant,
• 200 Space car park
• free shuttle bus from Portarlington Train station (Just 38 minutes to • Dublin by Train)
• On site IT & AV engineer to assist on the setup and Support:

Check out the short video below on our education room

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