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At Solas, we provide 12 tailor made education courses for Transition Year students across Ireland. The courses offer a detailed insight into many topical subjects and give hands on experiences and workshops
Whats covered in our courses:

• Sustainability
• Gardening
• Tech and computers
• The Business of Business

These courses, held at SOLAS garden centre will give an insight into how a garden centre operates. Students get a chance to see inside the day to day operations and get hands on experience in the management of plants, food, retail and hospitality.

We will be posting our brochures out to schools around the country. These will include a 3 hour package including lunch at SOLAS.

If you want to find out more you can contact us by email:

[email protected] or by phone

057 9373330 / 0851381016

See the gallery below for our list of education courses available this year:
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