My mission is to provide a truly unique shopping experience. I believe in high quality, practical products that will catch your eye,
never go out of fashion and be kind to the environment. I maintain the idea of having less but absolutely adoring what you do have.
I offer a range of products that I have personally designed, made and use in my everyday life.

As a result of this the range of products can look quiet random but I’m confident that if I find use in them everyday there will be lots more that will too!

Products range from meditation props to help you ease into practice as well as practical strong bags and backpacks to beauty products
such as my silk pillowcase that i cannot live without. All made while being conscious of the environment and only using sustainable earth friendly fabrics.

My core values include sustainability, environmentally friendly, quality over quantity, practicality, workmanship, attention to detail, honesty and authenticity.

Quality is never overlooked. Strong Fabrics, double stitching and strong upholstery quality. every item has been designed and made consciously by me. 

Zero waste shop, no waste of materials, i make small items such as coin purses from excess.

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